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The office for Ladin language planning is engaged in developing a common writing language for the whole community of Dolomite Ladins. The project is promoted by the following institutions: Istitut ladin “Micurà de Rü”, Istitut Cultural Ladin “majon di fascegn”, Istitut Pedagogich Ladin and Union Generela di Ladins dles Dolomites.

The TermLeS project aims at standardising modern Ladin terminology. Among the languages for special purposes treated in our project there are: environment, administrative law, building matters, education. A part of the terminology has already been integrated into our dictionary, the Dizionar dl Ladin Standard. Glossaries on different matters are under construction. Please take a look at our download site for the educational glossary Glossar de Pedagogia.

Dizionar dl Ladin Standard
Glossar de Pedagogia

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